There are hundreds of roller companies in North America, and many are still led by founders who are dedicated and skilled industry experts. When these company leaders choose to explore their strategic options, we are honored when they choose to contact us.

We have learned that company owners in the roller industry typically care deeply about their people, their customers, and the markets they serve. Those are values we share, and we strive to continue the operations we acquire in the best interests of everyone involved.

Our history shows that we have a strong track record in partnering with other companies and we are glad to share our experience with other business owners in the roller industry, whether it leads to an event or simply to a cordial conversation among peers.

We have held exploratory conversations with leaders of companies with whom we compete directly, and with others in our industry who serve different markets and different geographies where we do not compete. We welcome discussions with our peers in both groups, and are accustomed to handling these dealings with respect for the privacy and confidentiality of those who approach us.

Our company has a reputation for honest dealing and straight talk, and we welcome the opportunity to explore in this manner how our strategies might overlap with others at any time.

For further information please contact us at or 888-486-1900.