If you are looking to achieve the best possible finish, look no further than the Wood-Tech Rubber Compounds from Finzer Roller, specifically developed to meet the needs of precision flat line finishing.

Finzer Roller has been a leading supplier to the wood product manufacturing industry for more than 40 years. Because your finish is what sells your product, Finzer Roller understands just how critical the rubber compound is for your flat line finishing. We take pride knowing our Wood-Tech Rubber Compounds are the choice of many OEM’s and coating suppliers.

Coating Rollers

  • CT 1 Red – our signature compound – suitable for UV Sealer and Topcoat applications that transfers a uniform coating and resists cuts.
  • CT 2 – our original compound – suitable for Sealer and Topcoat applications containing solvents.
  • CT 3 Blue – designed for Sealer and Topcoat applications where harsh chemicals are present. This compound has excellent abrasion and cut resistance. It is quickly making a name for itself.
  • CT 4 Cushion – our premium cushion covering suitable in most UV Sealer and Topcoat applications to handle difficult bevels.
  • CT 5 Supersoft – our newest “supersoft” compound suitable for UV Solid Stain applications. Compound also coats micro bevels and irregular surfaces.

Sponge Rollers

  • SP 1 Red – used to apply consistent amounts of UV and Water Base Stains.
  • SP 2 Grey – our original sponge compound – suitable for applying Solvent Base stains.
  • SP 3 Blue – designed to apply consistent amounts of UV, Water Base or Solvent Base Stains with excellent abrasion resistance. This compound can withstand harsh chemicals used in clean u