Exclusively designed for White Wood Sanding, Stain Denibbing, Sealer Scuff Sanding, Stain Leveling, Stain Wiping, Panel Cleaning and Distressing, Finzer Roller’s extensive line of Wood-Tech Brushes has the solution for your wood finishing applications.

  • New or Re-bristle service
  • Custom Designs
  • Uniform trim
  • Patented bristle bonding
  • Multiple bristle designs, patterns and densities
  • Dynamically balanced components

White Wood Sanding UV Scuffing
Stain Denibbing

Abrasive Brush Irregular Surfaces

Wire Brush

Tampico Stain Wiping Panel Cleaning

Stain Wiping Boars Hair

Stain Leveling Tufted Nylon

Anti-Static Nylon Panel Cleaning

Various Patterns

Edge Finishing