If you are looking to achieve the best possible offset UV printing, look no further than Finzer Roller’s UltraUVE™ series of rollers. Our rollers are proven winners in the offset printing market.

Features & Benefits*

  • Stability to UV inks and coatings
  • Stability to fountain solutions
  • Cut, tear, wear and pick resistance
  • Cool running
  • Smooth, velvety finish designed to process all press fluids efficiently

*Rollers are not made to be used with any type of hydrocarbon roller wash. Use washes that are specifically designed to clean UV inks. It is recommended to use the greatest hardness cover that will transfer fluids effectively.

UltraUVE™ Series

UltraUVE™ 25

  • Hardness – 24 to 30 Shore A
  • Use in ink or water form/water metering positions

UltraUVE™ 35

  • Hardness – 31 to 37 Shore A
  • For forms and/or distributors – especially for newspaper presses

UltraUVE™ 40

  • Hardness – 38 to 44 Shore A
  • For ink ductors and some distributors