If you are looking to achieve the best possible finish, look no further than the Wood- Tech Series of products from Finzer Roller. Custom made for the woodworking industry, our rollers, finishing brushes and replacement parts feature some of the most advanced formulations found in the market today.

Finzer Roller has serviced the wood industry for more than 50 years. Our team of experienced technicians understand the unique needs and varying applications involved with the wood products industry. Our performance and service over the years earned us the reputation as the supplier of choice by many OEMs and flat line finishers. If your manufacturing process calls for Sanding, Glue Spreading, Flat Line Finishing, Laminating, Edge Foiling, Distressing or Embossing, our Wood-Tech Series is your solution

Wide Belt Sander Rollers

  • CNC Grooving with unlimited configurations
  • Computerized Dynamic Balancers to ensure vibration free rollers
  • Complete machine shop to manufacture new or repair cores

Glue Spreader Rollers

  • Groove Types – Modified V, Buttress or Composite
  • Apply calculated amount of adhesive
  • Complete rebuilds including flange replacements

Flat Line Finishing Rollers

  • Sponge Rollers – Three types of sponge rubber to apply UV, Water Base and Solvent Stains
  • Coating Rollers – To apply UV coatings, Sealers, Topcoats and Solvent Based Paints
  • Doctor Rollers – Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic, Chrome, Nylon and Hard Rubber coverings
  • Rotary Cylindrical Brushes – Designed for White Wood Sanding, Stain Denibbing, UV Scuffing, Dust Cleaning, Stain Wiping or Distressing

Laminating Rollers and Hot Melt Glue Applicator Rollers

  • High Wear, High Release, High Temperature resistant rubber compound
  • Edge Foiler Wheels and Embossing Rollers

Non-Stick/High Release Coatings

  • Save time and money on cleaning glue pots, trays, pans or other metal parts.
  • Applied using a patented 2-coat system for superior release and wear.

Replacement Parts

New or reconditioned parts for foreign and domestic woodworking machines.

  • Chain Feed Pads
  • Edge Foiler Wheels
  • Zuckerman Sander Rolls
  • Smooth/Profiled Folder Wheels
  • Rip Saw Pads
  • Moulder Feed Wheels
  • Hold Down Wheels/Pads
  • UHMW Scrapers