Multi-wall bag and plastic web manufacturers are rapidly replacing metal Anvil rolls with Finzer Roller’s Back-Up Brushes. Our latest innovation has completely changed perforating, slitting and cross-hatch scoring of plastic webs and board products.

Back-Up Brush Benefits

  • Accepts perforating pins or knives
  • Reduces set-up time, allowing simple tape measure installations
  • Pins or knives do not damage the bristle
  • No more fitting or adjusting to match pin and knife points
  • Misalignment is virtually impossible with free-wheeling back-up brush
  • Supports board or web
  • As good and often better than a metal Anvil roll

Back-Up Brush Features

  • Extremely uniform, presenting individual strands of bristle rather than clumps or tufts
  • Controlled brush density allows unlimited bristle patterns from “open” to “super dense”
  • Established brush standards for many applications

Finzer Roller’s Back-Up Brushes are now used under craft paper, paperboard, corrugated, paper-plastic laminates, and flexible web products.

Back-Up Brush with Stub Shaft

Back-Up Brush with Internal Bushing