At Finzer Roller, we realize that the watersides of offset presses present a great challenge. If you are looking to achieve the best possible ink and water balance, look no further than Finzer Roller’s Aquasist® series of bareback rollers. To meet your specific needs, choose our time-tested standard Aquasist or our new, innovative spiral Aquasist S.

Features & Benefits

  • Works well with changing web widths
  • Eliminates sock costs and sock changes
  • Eliminates sock debris
  • Carries water (fountain solution) evenly
  • Less water (fountain solution) used
  • Can be customized to fit specific needs
  • Easy to clean
  • Conventional roller washes may be used

Additional Notes

  • specially effective in the dampener feed/water pick-up positions of single width Goss, Dauphin, Web Press, Tensor and Harris presses
  • Spiral Aquasist S is customizable
  • Set with a light contact

Aquasist® Documentation